Day Twenty Three – sad news

October 27, 2008 § 1 Comment

We lost little #6 overnight. Found her just going into rigor when we fed everyone this morning. She was still tucked under Poppy’s breast, so it certainly wasn’t lack of maternal care. Just too many things stacked against the little girl, I guess. 

Poppy is still sitting on the remaining three eggs – will let me lift them out to check, but then demands them back and tucks them straight back under herself as soon as they are in reach again. No sign of pipping though, so I suspect they won’t hatch. We’ll decide a bit later – there’s a test you can do with warm water to see if the eggs are still alive or have died during pipping:

place the egg in warm water (make sure they are not pipping but ) If the egg moves in the water it is still alive and can go back for a day or so longer . If there is no movement you can be reasonably sure that the chick has died in the last stage of incubation.

(Source: BYP – second comment from the bottom, from Martin Holmes)


Edit 8.46 am: She’s off the eggs now, and sitting in a position of extreme cuteness just inside the doorway. I’ve tucked the three eggs under Venus for now (sitting in the nestbox, laying), but it looks like we’ll have the Magnificent Seven.


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