Day Twenty One – update

October 25, 2008 § Leave a comment

We’ve had our first loss – egg #4, which I think had just started pipping last night. The smallest egg – 52g. S/he’d made a small hole in the shell, but it almost looked like it was made by toes rather than beak, and s/he hadn’t been able to enlarge it enough to hatch out of. We carefully chipped the shell off, but the chick was already dead. Head not even near the hole, which won’t have helped.

One of those unfortunate things. If the hatching takes too long, they simply run out of energy. Made worse by the fact that the membrane inside the shell (which this poor chick had only made a tiny hole in) gets tougher as it dries.

There is one egg pipping right now – #6, the one with an odd double void, and cracks that we repaired with nail varnish! This little one is in good voice and has its beak near the hole, so fingers crossed for a happy outcome. The other three eggs haven’t done anything yet, but there’s still time.

We will see what tomorrow brings. Hopefully four more chicks, alive and well.


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