Day Sixteen – The Second Candling

October 20, 2008 § Leave a comment

We candled Poppy’s eggs for the second time yesterday. All of them look to be developing well, although there’s still an odd extra void in egg #6. I got slightly better photos this time:

infertile egg

fertile egg – day 15


You can see the airsack at the bottom of the fertile egg (the really bright bit). If you look closely, you may be able to see the spidery blood vessels branching out of the embryo (the dark mass).

Now the sad news. Two of the eggs – #6 and #9 – had small cracks in them. #9 was worst – there was a small amount of oozing that had taken place, although the embryo looked like it was alive and well. There was no smell associated with either (bacterial contamination is notoriously stinky), so we posted a query to BYP about whether it was worth trying to seal the cracks or not. (Advice – yes, probably.)

Today we had another look at the eggs, to make sure there weren’t any other damaged ones. We decided that #9 was just too damaged to be worth trying to save – the cracks had spread overnight, and there was just too much damage. We’ve taken it out, and will leave it to cool for a couple of days (to make sure that the embryo has died) and then crack it open to see how developed or otherwise the embryo was/is.

#6 was no worse looking, so we’ve sealed the cracks with clear nail varnish, and will monitor it over the next few days to make sure it isn’t turing on us. But that’s a dozen eggs, all going well! (Notice the lack of reference to anything that Murphy might be interested in …)


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