Re-worming the Girls

October 15, 2008 § Leave a comment

We gave the girls their follow-up worming today. Super easy. I swear, you could put virtually anything in mince and they’d wolf it down. Although I must admit it’s easier with hens who are laying – they eat around four to five times as much as non-laying hens.

Why follow-up? Because most wormers only kill the parasites present as larvae or adults. Any (parasite) eggs that the birds might be carrying will be unaffected. So you worm them again, two weeks later, to give the eggs time to hatch but not sexually mature – and kill the lot.

For those who are interested, I thought I’d take a photo of how we do it:

worming setup

We calculate individual doses for each of the girls. Then we draw each one up, mix it with some mince (around 20g seems to be a good size – enough to disguise the taste, but small enough so that they feel the urge to wolf it down fast), put it in a container labelled with the bird’s name, and feed it to them! The hardest part is only getting one bird out at a time to feed – if you don’t, then the fastest birds will get a huge dose of everyone else’s wormer. (Won’t you Frida?!)

With a large number of birds, I can appreciate that it just wouldn’t be feasible to do this way. But I still prefer it – you know that each bird has received the correct dose. Otherwise it’s really a matter of hoping that they don’t object to the taste in water, and that they all drink normally.

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