Wrinkly eggs

October 13, 2008 § Leave a comment

Bessie’s having an interlude of weird laying. We expected her to lay yesterday, but she didn’t. Which was fine. But then this morning when I went to let them out I found a small Bessie egg on the floor underneath where she’d slept. We’re certain it’s hers – the shape and colour are exactly right. But it was only 53g, where she’s usually 56g to 60g.

We just put it down to “one of those things”. Then this afternoon I found her in the nestbox, having just laid another egg. And this one is very weird – thin shelled and wrinkly, with what looks a little like an impact crater. (I’ve tweaked the contrast to help make it more visible.)

Laying two small eggs in a row is odd enough. But two like this? And within 12 hours of each other? Very unlike Bessie. It will be interesting to see what her next egg is like. And when she lays it.

Bessie eggs, L to R: wrinkly, normal, small odd


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