Day Nine

October 13, 2008 § Leave a comment

We candled Poppy’s eggs yesterday. I tried to get a photo for posterity, but couldn’t do any better than this:

This was a test run with an unfertilised egg from the fridge, to see if my camera setup would work. I think that counts as “no”. Sigh! While the tripod kept the camera steady, there was a human hand attempting to hold the egg steady for the long exposure required …

I think I know how to overcome the problem, so we’ll try again next week, when we do the next candling.

The good news is that all the eggs look to be developing properly! A couple of them we could even see the embryo’s heart beating. (Now that I really would have loved to have captured for posterity.)

There is one egg that’s causing a bit of concern – #6. It looks to have two voids, rather than the single one (airsac) that we’d expect. Too hard to tell. It’s an egg that has some odd mottling down one end anyway, so it may be something, may be nothing. We’ll know more in a week’s time.


If you’d like to see a really good series of photographs showing the day by day development of an embryo, have a look here. Be aware that the images may upset some people. 


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