Day One

October 5, 2008 § 1 Comment

We put thirteen of the fourteen eggs under Poppy yesterday evening. (We omitted the fourteenth because it has an odd bulge on it, and we didn’t want to push our luck.) They make a surprisingly large pile, but she managed to cover them all. She essentially deflated herself, and turned into a Poppy teacosy!

Chicken eggs take 20 to 21 days to hatch, so H (Hatch day) should, all going well, be Friday/Saturday 24th/25th of October. (Eggs hatched under a hen tend more to the 20 day mark, rather than the 21 day.)

Next Saturday we’ll do the first candling – this is when you shine a light through the shell of the egg, to see if the eggs are viable and developing, or not. You do this so that you can remove any dead eggs, as they have a nasty habit of exploding and covering nest, hen and other eggs with stinky, bacteria-heavy goo. And there’s no point having them taking up nest space if they aren’t viable.

So, it has begun. Day One. H-20.

It’s so exciting!


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