New project – the Loft-style Apartment

September 27, 2008 § Leave a comment

We’re just about ready to start work on our newest chookhouse project – building a Loft-style Apartment in the orchard!

Why loft-style? To make the best possible use of the space between the trees. Putting the housing above part of the run means there’s no wasted floor space. We’ve even made a scale model, so that we can better envisage the whole thing:    

  • The entire bottom area is wire mesh, not solid. No floor. We’ll have a coloursteel roof over the house part, and clearlite roof extending out from under that, over the whole run.
  • There will be a ramp leading up into the house (teaching them to use it will be fun), and a double-decker nestbox arrangement built in to the back wall of the house.
  • The front wall of the house will hinge open for cleaning, and feeders, waterers etc will be under the house area (which will have a solid floor). Access to the run will be through doors under the house, front and back.

The girls spend the summer in the orchard anyway – much cooler under the trees, and we’ll be using the veggie beds for growing vegetables in. This will be the first time we’ve actually started out intending to make the structure non-movable, which should make some things easier.

First job: dig some holes for the posts that define the house!


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