Poppy, the Fluff-monster

September 26, 2008 § Leave a comment

I think the photo tells the story pretty well. Poppy is as determinedly broody as any chook I’ve ever seen. This is despite the fact that she hasn’t been allowed any time in a nestbox for a week now – there are bricks put in there overnight, and we’re only allowing access to the house and nestbox to hens who are expressing an urge to lay NOW, as and when that occurs. And if you didn’t know, you’d probably never pick it – she scritches with the others, dustbathes, suns, chases moths, steals food … behaves like a normal chicken.

Until you open the pophole to the house, when she will stop whatever else she was doing and bolt for the door. Sigh!

The theory is that it takes roughly the same amount of time to break a broody hen as she was given to become broody. Poppy went from normal to CLUCKY!!! in 24 hours. That was seven days ago.

(There goes that theory …)

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