Oh b*******s

September 20, 2008 § Leave a comment

We’ve been hoping that Bessie would go broody again, so that we could raise our own bubs again this year. By this time last year, she’d already been given eggs to sit on! And we though, given her own and he breed’s tendency to broodiness, that it would be a pretty good chance.

Instead, it’s Poppy. And it’s taken her a grand total of 48 hours to go from normal (for her) to zombie-clucky-fluffmonster.

If it wasn’t for all the hassle that we went through re-integrating her last time, we might consider letting her. She’s wonderfully friendly, obviously obsessive about the task at hand (whether eating or staying put on the nest) and big enough to cover a good number of eggs. But there is no way I want to go through the whole saga again with her. For heaven’s sake, it’s only been a month or so that she’s been back as an established part of the flock!

Please please PLEASE Bessie will take Poppy’s cluckiness from her, so that Super Mama can do the job rather than our Neurotic (but incredibly loveable) Red Loon!


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