Another laying landmark

September 10, 2008 § Leave a comment

It seems like every post we make is about another laying landmark… so here’s yet another one!

Today Venus laid her 200th egg – the second of our chooks to get there after Bessie. 68 g, and her usual very oval shape – very hard to tell which end is the blunt one (you need to know, because they should be stored blunt-end up).

Venus is a good layer – 187 eggs in her pullet year, and she was laying from June to the end of February. The total is a bit low for an Australorp, but she lays well when she’s laying, if you know what I mean. This year she started laying (post-moult) in July, managed 3 eggs then stopped for a month! She’s been pretty good since then, including eggs on 10 consecutive days to take her to 200.

She also has a tendency to lay the odd shell-less egg, and she’s the only one to have laid two double-yolkers. In fact she has laid our weirdest egg of all: an ‘egg-in-an-egg’ with no shell.


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