A Red Letter Day

September 9, 2008 § 1 Comment

In order of laying: Bessie, Poppy, Ella, Claire, Venus, Lily and Frida.

Well it’s finally happened – a day with an egg from every one of our girls!

Started with Bessie, Poppy and Ella deciding that they wanted to all share the nestbox. It was pretty crowded, but they seemed happy enough. Then when they’d finally come out (or been turffed out, in Poppy’s case) at 10:30, it was Venus’s turn. And Claire, being Numero Duo in the pecking order, has no problem climbing in to the nestbox with anybody. So that took us up to five eggs, and it wasn’t even 1 pm! 

I was feeling hopeful when Frida disappeared for a while. Unfortunately our neighbors were clattering and clunking around in their driveway, which the girls weren’t so keen on. Which, I assume, is why Frida missed the nestbox and plopped her egg in the run at around 4 pm.

So then it was the nervous wait … and sure enough, Miss Lilypily trotted in, laid her egg, and was back out demanding to be fed by 5:15.

This is the first time we’ve ever had 100% production. So definitely a red letter day. Yay chookenz! Yay our girls!

Clockwise from 1 o'clock: Bessie (60g), Poppy (62g), Ella (71g), Claire (63g), Venus (66g), Frida (58g), Lily (58g).




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