Ella rejoins the sisterhood

September 6, 2008 § Leave a comment

Ella last laid back in April, and then went into her moult. She hasn’t been a particularly frequent layer (just 100 in her pullet year – well down on Australorp breed average), but her eggs are big and seem to have disproportionately large yolks. They make an indulgent soft-boiled egg – so we’ve been keen to have some more Ella-eggs!

Over the last week or so she has been acting like she was ready to lay again – for her this involves watching the other hens intently when they go in to lay, and being a little distracted – nothing major. This morning though, she hopped in the nest box for a bit and was scratching around in there. She came and went a few times, and when we popped out around lunchtime she still hadn’t produced anything.

But when we got back a couple of hours later I found a big brown egg sitting serenely in the middle of the run! The shape, size and colouration said this was the fabled Ella-egg! Amazingly none of the other chooks had stood on it, rolled it around or (most thankfully) pecked at it.

It had to be Ella – big (71 g) speckled brown and almost spherical. She must have been ‘caught short’, which seems to happen a bit with our pullets, and with the two Australorps, until they get used to laying (again). Now to see if she keeps going, and remembers how to use the nest box.

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