Claire is a muppet

July 26, 2008 § Leave a comment

Claire is an idiot.

She always makes a big fuss anytime she has an egg to lay in the afternoon (which, with the short day lengths at present, is every second egg). This usually takes the form of mewing and moaning, and running in and out of the house, to and from the nest box. Usually she eventually settles down in there and gets it done.

But on three recent occasions (including today), she’s lost the plot competely and laid it in the run (see ‘Hens behaving badly’). I spotted her this afternoon, with her bum just about dragging on the ground, trying to worm under one of the Australorps to some nestbox that only she could imagine. She popped it out right there in front of me – in a location in the run which is a/ dirt floor rather than straw (to allow dustbathing), and b/ as far from all the run doors as possible. So I had to climb inside to collect the egg, which by now was coverd in dirt! (When they come out they are still moist, so dirt sticks to them.)

What has she got against the nest box?!

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