Lily rejoins the sisterhood

July 25, 2008 § Leave a comment

The sisterhood of the cloaca, that is. In other words, she has (finally!) started laying again!

I thought she must be going to – when I left this morning, she was in and out of the house, doing her version of the “Ohhhh, I’ve got an egg. Egg! Egg!! Gotta go lay an egg!” bitching. And when I got home, there it was, nestled in with one from Claire and one from Bessie. 57g, and quite pointy! Took me a few moments to be sure that it was hers and not Frida’s, but the shape is subtly different. (And Frida’s have been getting more ‘normal’ shaped anyway.)

Lily's egg – 57g

I just hope this laying streak lasts longer than her first one – 20 eggs and then a four/five month break doesn’t really cut the mustard. (Especially when she’s being mean to Poppy.)

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