High drama (and low productivity)

June 23, 2008 § Leave a comment

Jo’s away at the moment, visiting family in Australia. So I’ve been here on my own, looking after the girls. Because the days are so short (yesterday being the winter solstice, a mere 9 hours between sunrise and sunset here in Christchurch), I’ve organised to take some time off over these two weeks. It means I can at least get home before the girls have gone to bed, and remind them what a human looks like!

Today was the first day that I’d gone to work feeling relaxed about the chooks. Oh well.

Came home, and found Poppy hiding in the house. She came out when I went over and called, and got pecked hard by both Frida and Lily as she ran past. Looks like it’s been happening a lot – she’s got two decent sized wounds on the back of her head/neck.

I cleaned her up as best I could, and dabbed a bit of Savlon cream where the skin was broken. All I can think is that one of the others was intrigued by the bald spot where her feathers have fallen out, and had a peck. Then drew blood, and kept pecking. She’s second in the pecking order though, so I have no idea how/why she let them do that. But she’s scared now, poor girl.

I’ve taken her out and put her in the broody house for now. She won’t like being on her own, but it’s better than risking further injury. If they cornered her she could be in real trouble. Took a good while to sort feeder and water out for that, so there was no time for them to get their evening feed. Serves them right. Made sure Poppy got some treats though, and she didn’t take too long to work out how to got to bed in the broody house (it has a low perch).

Jo doesn’t get home until the weekend … and there were no eggs either. NOT a happy chook owner tonight!


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