From the Summer Palace to the Winter Garden

June 2, 2008 § Leave a comment

We finally managed to finish the extensions to the run for the Summer Palace. Horrible weather, which we had to wait out. (Power tools and precipitation are usually considered a bad combination.) Yesterday we got the garden bed (on which it will sit for the next few months) sorted out, so today we just needed a couple of hours with no rain to move things around and add the new bits. Finally at about 2 pm we decided we couldn’t wait any longer and got started.

Step one was to put the girls into orchard. No trouble – they love to scritch around down there.

Step two was to separate the current house and run sections. We removed and cleaned the perches in the house, plus added an extra low perch for Bessie. Also we put some insulation into the roof of the house – an old single bed duvet was just the ticket.

Step three was to lift the house, new run section and the two old run sections into place on the garden bed – amazingly they all fitted together, and are exactly the right size for the bed! (We did measure, so it should’ve fitted, but you never know for sure…).

Step four was to install the ‘Clearlite’ sheeting we use to roof our chook-runs. One sheet needed a bit of trimming, but it cuts easily with a jig-saw.

Step five was to re-install feeder, drinker and chickens. They were pretty excited (as always) to have new ground to scritch and explore. We were all done by 4:30 – the outcome of our labours – now be known as the Winter Garden – is illustrated below.


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