Delilah goes Out for the Count

February 19, 2008 § Leave a comment

Today Delilah went back to the vets, to have her lump examined under general anesthetic. It meant that she had to have food and water taken away from her from when she went to bed the night before. (Not a popular move.) Part of me was very worried that she wouldn't be coming home. But home she came.

It was … good news and not so good news. (Although the not-so is more frustrating than upsetting.) They couldn't find anything sinister, no real pus, no foreign objects, etc etc. What she does have is (a) granuloma(s) – lumpy tissue formed in reaction to whatever (?bacterial?) infection is was that started the whole thing. It means that she will always have the lump, and the deformed palate and the wheezing. But it shouldn't get worse, and shouldn't impact on her quality of life. Pauline (our avian specialist vet) has sent some tissue samples to the lab to just to make absolutely sure we're not dealing with anything cancerous or generally sinister. I should hear back by the end of this week. Fingers crossed.

Two more weeks on antibiotics … argh. I'm running out of things to feed them to her in! And did I mention that she's still laying really really well?!


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