Teeney Weeney Eggs

February 14, 2008 § Leave a comment

Yay! The Dorking girls have started laying! I’ve been checking the floor of the house and the nestbox a couple of times a day for the last week or so. And this afternoon, when I got back home, there was a tiny white egg in the doorway. 28g. I had a look in the house, and Cholet was sitting in the nestbox, with Frida standing next to her. (No egg there though.) I had a look at the four girls, and my guess (based on cloaca and behaviour) is Frida. Why not Lily? Because she disappeared for an hour or so that evening, and when I went out to check (having seen her come out again) I found another egg, in the nestbox this time! Even smaller – 25g.

I feel so proud. And sad – my babies are all grown up! And this is really early – they’re only 19 weeks old! Franken-chicken hybrids don’t start until 20 to 22 weeks, and old breeds like Dorkings are usually quite slow to start, even for a heavy breed. Oh well, they seem quite happy about it all. No-one seems to have blood anywhere, or be tired-looking. And I just had a feeling something like this might be about to start – I bodged together a temporary nestbox for them out of a beer crate, and tucked it in the corner with a nest-egg. They’ve been in and had a scritch in there a few times.

We’d better get on to making the real nestbox, and quick!


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