Saying Goodbye to Alice

February 9, 2008 § Leave a comment

Alice has been sold! It was good to see – there was a bid on her within a few hours of listing (in the middle of the day too – and it was a Friday, during a normal working week!), and she was bought for her BIN price ($40) at a little after 5.30 last night. A lovely family, the Richards, have bought her to join their girls. They run a B&B in Lincoln: Orpington House. I think she’ll be very happy there. Hopefully she’ll start laying soon for them.

But of course there had to be drama. When I went out to let the bubs out onto the grass, I could see there was something wrong with Alice’s comb. Silly girl had managed to tear the back of her comb, and there was blood all over her face. Still can’t see where she did it. We cleaned her up as best we could (it had stopped bleeding before we saw her). No major damage, as far as we could see. But her timing could have been better, that’s for sure!

We explained her injury to her new owner, and made a point of saying that we would understand if they wanted to cancel, or wait to make sure everything would be ok. But they were quite happy to take her. And we were sad to see her go, but there it is. The first sale of any of our chooks.

Be good, little Alice.


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