An Eggless Day

February 8, 2008 § Leave a comment

Hard to believe it, but today was an eggless day. Four hens, all of whom should be laying well (even if we can’t eat Delilah’s eggs while she’s on antibiotics) and not a single egg! The last time that happened was way back on the 5th of November!

Not really that surprising I guess – Ella’s broodiness looks pretty set (full fluff-monster mode), so she’s not going to lay again until we can snap her out of it. (Tomorrow’s job is to buy something suitable for a sin-bin.)

We’ve decided to sell Alice, so I’ve just put the ad up on TradeMe. She’s a lovely girl, so she should be reasonably easy to sell. She’s pretty correct (as far as we can tell), so we’ve put what we think is a decent Buy It Now price, and a fair reserve. She’s genuinely point-of-lay, which always commands the premium price. If she doesn’t sell, we’ll take her to the Rare Breeds auction in March.


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